Amit Bapat

I am a photography enthusiast. I like shooting landscapes, city scapes, closeup and macro shots of nature, and portraits. This photo blog is a collection of some my notable photos over last few years. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions/critic on the photos. Enjoy!

Note: All photos are Copyright Amit Bapat. All rights reserved. Do not copy/distribute/reproduce in any form without explicit written permission from site owner.

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  1. Re: Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas picture.

    Hello Mr. Bapat,

    I am producing a video and love your planet hollywood picture. I’d like your permission to use it as a background picture (replacing green screen)in a video song called the ‘Horizontal Hula’. We have put a version of the video up for film industry purposes only, and have not released this through the social networks as youtube needs us to get all copyright permissions secured. We have put your picture into the video so you can see how we have used it, and with your permission, ie, giving credit to your work within the credits and titles, we will leave it in. Your wonderful shot works really well, and it’s a fun song. I produced it myself, paying for everything out of my own pocket. It’s a song about a couple wanting to spend some intimate time together but can’t due to being busy with life; it’s a fun romp through relationships. Please contact me at my email, or call directly at 818 518 7128 (I am in California) and we can speak about it. The video is up only to secure copyrights, most of which we have, and then will be removed so that all additional copyright holders names and permissions can be added. The video you see therefore will not stay up and if you do not give your permission, it will be removed immediately. However, it is a good place to have your wonderful work seen, a professional credit is added to your resume, I have a great shot, and it will not be used other than this background shot within this video, or however you choose to license it. Blessings and thank you for your time. We are on a time crunch, and if we don’t hear from you within the next few days (today is Saturday the 13th of July 2913, we will remove the video and your picture. Have a great weekend. Thanks. John Paul

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