Tulips always fascinate me. For the range of colors and beauty. Their short life span makes them even more precious. I like this photo especially for the saturated colors and depth of field. The quality of this photo is not as good because I had scanned the negative with a consumer grade scanner and later lost the negative, so this is only copy I’ve left besides the prints. Shot with Canon EOS Elan IIE and Sigma 28-80mm lens. Spring 1999. Woodburn, Oregon, USA.

Disneyland Christmas Parade

Disneyland: Christmas Parade

Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California, USA. From Thanksgiving to New Year, there is a daily parade in Disneyland resort. It’s very colorful and dazzling even for the adults to watch. This photo was shot during our visit to Disneyland resort in December 1999. I especially like this photo for the bright red color the ‘soldiers’ are wearing. You can also see the facades in the background that give Disney resorts a special look. Shot with Canon EOS Elan IIE.


Bougainvillea is native to South America, but is found everywhere in India as a decorative plant. This photo was shot at a Mahabaleshwar resort during Winter 2002. Bougainvillea is interesting for it’s flowers are not as spectacular as the leaves surrounding it are, they turn bright magenta! Shot with Canon EOS Elan IIE with Sigma 28-80 Macro lens.

Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas at night (November 1998). Hotel New York, New York. This is an old photo I took with Canon EOS Elan IIE (a film camera) with a Kodak MAX 800 film. This was shot handheld without tripod. The lens was cheap Sigma 28-80mm which resulted in massive distortion. I have used Nikon Capture NX2 to reduce noise and some color correction.